Professional equestrian and horse sport photography workshop.

3-days of intensive, hands-on learning in a small group setting at the stunning Southlands Riding Club in Vancouver. Specifically tailored for those with aspirations of professional photography in the equestrian industry.

Only 10 spaces, apply now to be part of #CGPW1
Early bird deadline March 25th (regular deadline April 15th 2018)



  • Upcoming workshops:

  • #CGPW online 
  • You pick the start date! : 6 Weeks online learning
  •  Action, portraiture and story telling
  •  Optional  business add on  and mentoring add on available.

  • #CGPW onsite
  • Contact for availability: 1 or 2 day on site workshops 
  • Covers up to 2 topics per day
  • Optional  business add on  and mentoring add on available.

Equestrian photography workshops specifically tailored to strengthen skills, explore creativity and build confidence in your equestrian portraiture and horse sport photography.  Choose from a selection of 1 or 2 day on site workshops (CGPW Onsite) and we provide the horses/venue or a 6 week online workshop (CGPW Online) that covers a selection of topics from your own home, all you need is access to horses to photograph.
CGPW online
Online with one on one interactive learning. (#CGPWonline)

CGPW Online - 6 week online interactive learning (schedule flexible to you)

These one on one interactive experience is specifically tailored to equestrian photographers - aspiring and professionals. Whether you are looking to learn to see more creatively, gain confidence in directing a portrait session or be comfortable covering horse shows there will be the opportunity to push your comfort zones, develop your skills, increase creativeness and strengthen your technical.
Interactive and hands on learning from with an online community element. The workshops are focused on helping you further understand and improve your portraiture, action, editorial and photojournalist photography. Whilst the workshop offers technical learning it is not without the chance to explore creativity, storytelling skills and evolve photographic style.

CGPW Online workshops are flexible to your schedule. Start when you're ready. The workshop is 6 weeks (once a week calls) calls using Skype, drop box and FB in scheduled calls. Each week you are provided with a one on one call and homework to complete and a complimentary follow up call 2 months after the workshop to check in on your progress and your final assignment review (if you aren't doing the added mentoring add on).  $860 for 6 weeks.  The business add on and Mentoring add on are available.

Individuals are encouraged to set up and organise their own shooting sessions  after the workshop for continued  shooting practice and as part of the learning experience to gain confidence in planning locations and working with clients. CGPW has a roster of available horses and models available if assistance is required to source subjects to photograph.

The workshops cover a variety of topics, but not limited to:
+ connecting with the subjects and telling their story
  • + composing simple and unique images
    + understanding ambient light and shadows,
    + utilising backdrops
    + improving use of angles
    + developing an eye for candid moments.
    + action shot timing
  • + working under pressure
    + equipment use
  • + directing and creating a portrait flow (not included in EXPRESS workshops)

  1. Portraiture
    Using natural light participants are given the opportunity to work on their portraiture skills of both horses alone and horses with humans. Participants will have chance to develop their use of angles, backdrops and use of available light to create dynamic and unique images. Participants can practice shooting various scenarios, gain confidence directing, working the flow of their portrait session and also learn how to handle shoots that aren't going quite as planned. 

  2. Action photography
    Participants will be encouraged to try shooting in different environments and covering  everything from dressage to jumping, basic flat work to Grand Prix, eventing, western, driving, vaulting (if you have access to it!) Participants will be pushed to work on timing of shots by predictively reacting, telling stories, understanding how horses move, how to work with the environment and your gear limitations, what to avoid and how to avoid it.  A must have for those looking to cover at horse shows.

  • Post Processing, editing and image critique 
    The workshops do not cover the nitty gritty technicals of editing (e.g photoshop step by step etc - This will be a future workshop with some of the industry's best!) however the creative and basic aspects of editing your images will be covered with supplemental online materials (pdf etc).  In addition, you are asked to supply a selection of your top images from the workshop for review and feedback by  Cara Grimshaw over a Skype/google hangout call after the workshops as part of the mentoring you receive.

  • In addition, you will be able to join the private Facebook group for the CGPW  'alumni' to post images for other participants (and Cara, time permitting) to view and provide their own feedback. This aids learning on how to give a valued critique and build peer relationships.  It sounds scary, but is actually surprisingly constructive and confidence building. Participants will have access to a closed Facebook group to keep connected and share work, long after the workshop.


CGPW Online
Dates on request.
Mentoring add on available
Business add on available.

Application requirements

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Whatsapp: +17788825072 (please no voicemails!) 


Follow on IG: @CGPWorkshop  #CGPW or @kiwinky

CGPW onsite

Onsite workshops (#CGPWonsite)

  • These 1 or 2 day on site workshops held on location  are specifically tailored for those aspiring photographers looking to improve their skills and creativity in a particular area of equine photography.  You decide the topic/s and the date.

  • Join up to 3 other individuals (15% discount to all attendees if all 4 spaces are filled!) in a one or two day on-location workshop in the metro Vancouver region. Spaces are limited to ensure that the experience is tailored to your particular areas of equestrian photography that you wish to focus on.  

  • Workshops topics available: (Pick up to two per day)
  • Portraiture
  • Action
  • Editorial / Commercial
  • Show coverage (schedule dependant on show availability and location)

  • What to expect:
  • A full day of  shooting of various models and on site working through the post processing.  Please be prepared to bring your computer with you to edit during the day.
  • Planning time requirements 2 months notice please.

  • Travel planning and scheduling:
    Successful applicants will be notified way ahead of time of their acceptance to allow for any travel plans to be made. Workshop fee does not include any travel costs (ground transport, flights, accommodation, parking etc) . If you would prefer Cara come to you, get in touch to chat about options.

  • Food and drinks:
  • Participant will have the option to bring their own food or opt in for catered food ahead of time for an additional fee of $50 (breakfast, snacks, Lunch, afternoon snacks).

  • Note: All prices shown do not include 5% GST. Only Canadian residents are required to pay GST.

  • If you're outside of the lower mainland area and would like a workshop at your location. Please email


  • Dates booked upon request

$670 CAD per day / per person

Mentoring add on available
Business add on available

Application Requirements

Mentoring & coaching 

  • Mentoring will cover image critique and feedback, general photography skill development, questions, business plans (if taking the business add on)

    Included in some  CGPW workshops is 3-month  mentoring and coaching by Cara Grimshaw to ensure that your skills continue to develop.  Typically the mentoring sessions are an optional add-on.

  • Prerequisite - Individual must have completed either a CGPW onsite or CGPW online

  • Whats included?
    + Up to Two 60-90 minute phone/video call per month
  • + Emails with questions, support, image review. 
  • + Ongoing access to the activity in the private CGPW  Facebook alumni community.  

  • If the workshop does not include mentoring as part of the workshop cost, additional months of mentoring can be purchased in 2, 4 or 6 months packages.


2 months $190.00

4 months $260.00

6 months $440.00

Business add-on

  • If you're looking to take your photography business to the next level, or even make the step into professional photography this optional add-on is perfect for you. Done online for 2 weeks and over a once a week 60-90 min call  and self assignments you will be provided coaching on the following. 

  • + Working with clients such as private portrait clients, press and media, editorial and commercial.
    + Building portfolios that get clients
  • + Branding yourself and your online presence.
  • + How to keep your photography creative mind on track
  • + Identifying and understanding your market
  • + Image licensing
  • + Improving work flows
    + Pricing and calculating your value

  • For those looking for support in building their photography business such building portfolios, working at events, navigating the industry and fine tuning your business action plans this add on option is a must! Prerequisites : CGPW Online or CGPW Onsite

    Participants who complete the business add on and a minimum of 3 months mentoring have the additional bonus of: (some terms and conditions apply)
    • + Reference letters for industry association applications 
    • + Added to Cara Grimshaw's trusted network of equestrian photographers for work referrals


$320.00 CAD 

What do others have to say?

"If you have a serious interest in equestrian photography, and by chance a Cara Grimshaw workshop comes up, do yourself a favour and apply to take it.  You won’t regret it.  

The lesson material Cara provides is very thorough.  There is homework, so be prepared to get out there and find appropriate subjects to shoot.  The one-on-one weekly Skype sessions are a great way to not only review assignments but also share screens for re-editing photos or demonstration purposes.  For the workshop I took, it didn’t end after the 8 (9?) weeks.  Monthly mentoring sessions were available – an invaluable bonus to ensure we are on the right track or get us back on track.  Priceless!

I honestly had never thought of equestrian photography as a business for me.  But while taking this course, I realised that maybe it could be…and now it is!

Cara is an amazing instructor and mentor.  She is not only knowledgeable about photography but also the business angle and administration of the business.  She has done it all – portraiture, photo journalism, equestrian events large and small (and I’m sure much I’m not aware of) and is more than willing to share her knowledge.  

5 out of 5 stars for Cara Grimshaw Photography Workshops!"

Robyn Cowan, BC Canada

"Words aren’t enough to describe Cara’s workshop. It was a great experience being mentored by her. Not only does she have a wealth of experience as a photographer, she is also genuinely excited about the progress of her students.

Her sessions are flexible schedule-wise and her feedback is insightful and well reasoned. The workshop is a two-way conversation and focuses on techniques that each individual wants to work on ☺ Definitely a must do if you are looking to upgrade your photo skills."

Joclyn Lu, Singapore

Application requirements. 

Are the workshops the right fit for you?

Most  CGPW online & CGPW onsite workshops : Suitable for photographers looking to improve their equestrian photography, learn new skills and who have an understanding of horses. Participants are familiar with using a DSLR or Mirrorless (interchangeable lenses), shooting in RAW format is preferred but not mandatory, editing images using Lightroom or Photoshop/PS Camera RAW. If you are looking a more basic level workshop that touches on how to use a camera or iphone photography, most of these workshops is not suitable for you. 

More basic level workshops:
If you are looking a more basic level workshop (never seen a horse before, only just discovered photography, phone camera only) - Get in touch. We can create a custom workshop for you. Perfect for the social media manager.

General application requirements:  (More detailed requirements are available at registration)

  • + Open to anyone, worldwide with a minimal level of photography knowledge.
  • + All ages (under 18 must have parental or guardian written consent).
  • + Understanding of English language (the workshop will be held in English)
  • + At least 1 DSLR (film permitted for the second camera but you must be able to develop and scan into digital) and interchangeable lens. 
  • + OR Mirrorless cameras equivalent. 
  • + Comfortable with shooting in manual  mod or willing to learn to  shoot in Manual mode (full program modes won't be used if possible,. Aperture and Shutter priority mode only? Still apply, you will be encouraged to move onto using Manual mode in the workshop (it's a scary step...we know, but worth it!)
  • + Understand camera RAW format  (and be able to process the files) - Not familiar? We will go over what and why we use RAW.
  • + Able to submit at least 4 images with your application showing your current skill level (to make sure that we work on the areas you need to strengthen)
  • + A computer/laptop or equivalent. (ipads or equivalents will make the work harder than it needs to be!)
  • + CGPWonsite- Able to transport yourself to and from the venues. (pick up from a transit station maybe available)

Meet the requirements? Apply to attend, very limited spaces are available. Dates are a plenty.

Unsure if you meet the requirements? Drop me an email

On hand knowledge

 As part of the workshop you will have access to trusted experts:

Sam Chua

Photographer, retoucher (

Sam is known as a wizard when it comes to studio and on-location lighting and uses his extensive photoshop experience to perfect to his images. Working with the local acting talent of all ages, in particular children, his ability to bring out the best of those in front of his camera is admirable. Studying photography and Photoshop at Langara College Sam has since fine-tuned his lighting skills to create work that's technically accurate yet creative. Depending on the workshop, Sam maybe be assisting with photoshop and editing questions. He is allergic to horses, loves to talk about science and lives for sugar.

Who is Cara Grimshaw?

Cara Grimshaw - A commercial, editorial and portraiture photographer exclusively focused on elite horse sports, horse racing, event reportage, marketing media and prestigious brand and venue coverage. Based in Vancouver Canada with a part time base in Singapore.

Born and raised on a horse in the UK, Cara has spent the past 18 years living in Vancouver. Taking the respected photography certificate courses at Langara College has set the foundation for jumping into full-time photography. Years on Cara has built a prestigious and respected client roster including the FEI, Spruce Meadows, CHIO Aachen, Equestrian Canada, Equestrian Australia, Singapore Turf Club and international riders, teams and racing trainers..

Cara can often be found standing away from other photographers with a 300mm, singing to herself and drinking caffeine. 


A personal note from Cara Grimshaw: (...the cliche part)

As I sat in a photography class I quickly realised how much I didn't know. Quitting my full-time job to do photography after years of "practising",  having a support system of experienced professionals behind me is something I will always cherish.  As I progressed and established my style in a saturated industry I began to understand why with the help of my mentors why I was pushed out of my comfort zones. I had to figure out what drives me as a photographer,  improve my technical skills, learn the importance of remaining unique and respecting my value as a working photographer. The lessons I learnt from being given a chance to explore my skills I am forever grateful for. 

There are a lot of workshops out there - why are my workshops and masterclasses different?
Because equestrian photography isn't just about taking pretty pictures of your friend's horses for free. You'll be guided, supported and encouraged to work through those barriers that have been holding you back as a photographer whether you're new to the industry or established. Your photographs will evolve and you'll develop skills you didn't know you needed.


IG: @kiwinky

fb: @photocara

Twitter: @KIWINKY


Ready to register? 
Please set aside 20 minutes to complete the application form. No payment will be required until your application has been approved (you will be invoiced) . Lets go!